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Light Novel/Novel Recommendations 《Ongoing》

Light Novel/Novel Recommendations 《Ongoing》

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Kosu By ShizunLi Updated 3 days ago

Light Novels are Anime/Manga stories containing a few illustrations. Here are my Recommendations that I am reading at the moment. More Light Novels/Novels will be continued to be added. Xianxia is added now too.
        《These LNs are not available here in Wattpad. Read the first page "IMPORTANT!" for more information where to read them.》
        Of course it would be better to buy the Light Novels/Novels to support the Authors. Not sure whether there are english ones.
        ■The synopsis' and stories are not from me. I don't own them.
        ■Cover Top 15 Rank Winner 《From Light Novel - Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami》
        ■Light Novel Covers/Illustration added in Media; right side.
        For news follow me or add the book recommendations to your library/read list.
        regards Kosu

ColdScarletNight ColdScarletNight Dec 15, 2016
4. Which one i vote military counciler but most people like record of washed grievences... tch
HazehanaMonousagi HazehanaMonousagi Dec 20, 2016
Can you just tell the synopsis each novel that you recommend?  Since I'm a girl, I want story main character girl of course
ivan-sama ivan-sama May 12, 2016
Does that mean that Mushoku Tensei, Tate no Yuusha and Desolate Era isn't enough for your top 20?
aku2162 aku2162 May 21, 2016
Hey, I have a website you could go to.. They are fairly recent, but I like reading what they have, and they have some pretty good novels too..
                              I think you will like it.
lordette lordette May 27, 2016
Have faith in Lord Fifth! Gain eternal life! When Lord Fifth appears, who dare cause strife?!
fated0 fated0 Jun 12, 2016
I tried to read but it chapters were so short and the mc was pretty weak >.< do you think i should pick it up?