The Haunted Bhangarh Fort- Rajasthan, India

The Haunted Bhangarh Fort- Rajasthan, India

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Mansi Pattni By mansi84orton Updated Nov 22

You are on a tour to the most beautiful state of India- Rajasthan!!
Pretty excited, you start the tour visiting many sites.
But what happens when you step into the Bhangarh Fort??

The Haunted Bhangarh Fort
A historical site that is marked as one of the 10 most Haunted places in India.

No one is allowed to step into that place before Sunrise and after Sunset, as an order by the Indian government!

This tragic and horrific story is about two youngsters.... Nandini and Nikhil, who visit this fort as an adventure tour but end up getting caught in the clutches of an evil spirit....

Nandini's past somehow is linked to that of the Fort.
Read on and find out to know if Nandini can free herself and fight that evil force along with Nikhil.....

Please see: This is not a real story.

Highest rank #1 in horror.

Happy Reading....

SurajDolli SurajDolli Sep 24
Love to watch horror movies.. first time m readin a book.. Lets c hw much scary it is..:)
I am so, so sorry-but I think this story is kind of overrated. Like, It's quite poorly written-please bother picking up a thesaurus. And yeah, everyone's like omg this is so scary-but on the other hand I'm like ugh there's this poorly written peace of horror again.........
Awesome story with an extra touch  which doesn't set the actual theme of story
The place's definitely worth a visit if you're a sucker for haunted locations like me.
Seriously the way u have written that  line forms an image of urs in my mind , as if like u r a show off kind 9th standard girl who never studied grammer in her life and learnt english only by speaking .
Like girl !! Me too... its smethng... which catches the eye !