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Change | Daniel Howell [UNDER EDITING]

Change | Daniel Howell [UNDER EDITING]

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who cares lmao By Dinosaur132 Completed

Daniella Mitchell is anything but lucky. She's clumsy, awkward, and runs down the hall, screaming, if it's dark and she's alone. Some people may say her best asset is her dimples, others my say it's her blacks brown hair. But it's hard to look her in her chocolate brown eyes, since she's tall.
Half her life is spent on YouTube, either watching some of her favourite YouTubers, or uploading her videos for her friends to laugh at.
Her dream is to meet Dan Howell and Phil Lester, but with her luck, she thinks it's impossible.
But luck can change.


"This was one of the best danfics I've ever read"
~ - (user proceeded to delete their account on the terms of saying this lie)

"This book is shit"
~ Dinosaur132

As you can see, all the comments on this book are 100% positive :)

This is me. I'm clumsy, socially awkward, weird. I would do this even if Dan and Phil weren't there
Band_Meme_Trash Band_Meme_Trash Oct 17, 2016
I was 7 when he uploaded Hello Internet. So he was on Youtube for 2 years.
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Jun 28, 2016
I literally call people anything that comes to my head first. 
                              Example: my friends name is Jeanna and I call her, Jeanna, Jeanie Weenie, Jeanna Beana, Jean Bean, etc. 
                              I think I have problems
perfectly-not perfectly-not Sep 30, 2016
I was holding my iPad and it slipped and the corner hit my boob 😂😭
MowingMyLawn MowingMyLawn Sep 04, 2016
o h she needs to calm down, but then again I would be shaking and crying
tessndella tessndella Jun 06, 2016
I wouldn't I'd be like 'obviously fate wants is to date so kiss my sexy!!'