No Way Out (Short Story)

No Way Out (Short Story)

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Britney By Notorious_Writer Completed

I entered my families apartment after a long day of school. It's only me, my mom and dad.

Life of an only child.

I walked into the living room. My parents were there talking to some guy. 

He is really good looking. 6' 8 light carmel skin tone, beautiful grsy blue eyes, nice plump pink lips. His ears are pieced, hair is in a faded box cut. Only his hair isn't fresh prince more curly and wavey. 

Dressed to kill, and tatted up.

Just something off about him to me. His eyes are dead, no emotion.

" Hey mom, hi dad." I said greeting my parents

" H-hey baby. How was school?" my mom asked 

Hun this is a first. She never ask me about my day, yet alone says hi back. My parents just wave me off, and I go to my room.

" It was good. Who is he?" I asked referring to the guy

His eyes meet mine, I looked down.

" Just one of my businesses partners. Go to your room princess." My dad said

I glanced at the guy he was staring at me.

"...Okay." I mumbled walking away

I went to room, and changed...

thatgirltan thatgirltan Dec 24, 2016
Hell nawl if y'all gon trade me I better be worth more than $50 damn dollars😂😭😭
purplegalmya purplegalmya Oct 29, 2016
You know what i peeped that in most stories it mever be raining like always be sunny
shetocute shetocute Sep 01, 2016
Amore101 Amore101 Oct 07, 2016
Damn !! I had to pause and think about if that was even possible 😂