My true prince | c.t.h.+ l.r.h |

My true prince | c.t.h.+ l.r.h |

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"How can a Prince love a servant?" 

"How can he not?" 


When Calum's house is destroyed and has no choice but to move in with his parents and meets a beautiful blue eyed servant.


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HOOD59 HOOD59 Sep 02, 2017
I don't like kids....and I have a 5 year old sibling 😒😥
IAmNot__Clifford IAmNot__Clifford May 28, 2017
When I'm sleeping my brother comes in my room and sits on me.
HOOD59 HOOD59 Sep 03, 2017
1) I don't take naps 2) I'm a pretty wild sleeper so my siblings would probably end up with my hand wrapped around their neck so I wouldn't do that
jigglypuffcashton jigglypuffcashton Jul 16, 2016
When I was younger, I had really bad anxiety, and I would go into my brothers room and cuddle up with him. And he has Asperger's syndrome, he's really affectionate so he doesn't mind me hugging him and cuddling him.
thejerseydiaries thejerseydiaries Mar 01, 2016
I used to take naps with my brother when he was still here (he's not dead, just off in the army) and when I was scared and he was over at my house, I'd sneak into his bed and sleep with him. I'd wake up and he'd be cuddling me and fuc.k i'm gonna cry now
LaurenDolan5 LaurenDolan5 Jul 07, 2016
it's not my little sister sneaks in my bed when she's scared