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17 years underground.
  Willow Forte has spent her entire life living under ground with her people hiding from the ravenous, manipulative and beautiful creatures that now rule the earth.
  Underground she has a loving father, who is the leader of their people, a fiancée, and an important best friend. But when curiosity takes over, Willow takes the forbidden step and ventures above ground. 

Willow knew what to expect above ground. Terror, death, blood thirsty beasts she's spent her entire life learning to fight. 

However, she didn't expect Arlo.
  At first, Willow is of sure of who she is and what she wants. But time goes on and Willow finds herself in a situation where she has to choose between desire, and fate. But as she grows and begins to see more of the world, she uncovers the truth about her past.
  Could her desires and fate be the same thing?
  Spin off to 'Safe Haven', we will meet some of the characters in this story again so go check it out first!
  With that being said, 'Safe Haven' does not need to be read first in order to understand this at all but there will be spoilers to that story.
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juazeri juazeri Oct 09, 2016
this story seems interesting lets see were it goes from  here
VanHESSA1 VanHESSA1 Feb 03, 2016
Yessss please update another chapter, I really like the idea of this story. It's not cliche and I never know what's gonna happen with you writing (which is a good thing) 😄
cloudedwithstories cloudedwithstories Mar 02, 2015
@MeganLong474 hey so this is a spin off of my other story Safe Haven so I won't update this until that one is completed :) this was just a little taster, sorry for the inconvenience!!!
cloudedwithstories cloudedwithstories Feb 22, 2015
@swiftieforlife1989 yeah actually I don't even know why it was in action!!! but there will be action in it, trust me!!! :)
swiftieforlife1989 swiftieforlife1989 Feb 21, 2015
congrats gurl! excited for you! I didn't know this story was action i thought it was werewolf!!
cloudedwithstories cloudedwithstories Feb 04, 2015
@AngelinaNichols haha yes, its all very formal and old fashioned haha - don't worry they aren't all like that