Keeping Clark [BoyxMan]  (Completed)

Keeping Clark [BoyxMan] (Completed)

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karla By cyxxphan Completed

Erisen Renstread views himself as the ugly gay boy in high school who hides in the shadows.  Painful memories and sadness always fill Erisen's mind.  Nothing numbed the sensation of hopelessness that took over his body and soul.  When he walks into class one day to see his monstrous English teacher replaced with a handsome young man, he wonders if the hopelessness could be conquered.  Taking the chance, Erisen starts to realize that coming out of the darkness he secluded himself in would be healthy but not easy.  He didn't expect to have such a huge impact on his teacher's life as much as he had on his own.  Erisen starts to learn that life is a complex bastard that can be hard to get through; however, putting up a fight to see the light at the end of the tunnel is worth it, and that it is possible.  The only problem was the lack of effort he was putting towards the battle he was loosing.  Sometimes he just thinks he should give up.

SpicyCoCo SpicyCoCo May 07
I have genetic eye bags or whatever those things are called in English the dark purple things under the eyes that usually happen after you don't sleep except I've had them my whole life and I sleep more than I should
Like my social studies teacher and he only gives me candy ughh i wanna marry him!!!
SpicyCoCo SpicyCoCo May 07
That isn't what he said he'd look like ... I guess I'm the only ugly person here /^~^\ forever alone
TeddyBoar TeddyBoar May 03
Really? I'm pretty sure it's illegal. Or at least ethically wrong. But heck, this whole concept is ethically wrong
Well your in luck 
                              You marry him and have millions of babies 
                              But now I want this to happen
                              Does it?!?!? 😂😩😂
"She has bags under her eyes and they aren't Gucci; they're from Walmart" 
                              Me everyday