You Are My One Thing

You Are My One Thing

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Michi By NatiesGirl Updated Sep 12

Izaya was walking in the streets of Ikebukuro. The streets he was forbidden to walk by his arch-nemesis. Izaya didn't mind at the time. But, what happens when Shizuo hits him and doesn't know Izaya was beat up pretty bad? What burden will be put on Shizuo's shoulders?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Durarara! (DRRR!)

This is yaoi, bxb, so on so on.

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Ummmmmmmm isn't Izaya heavily injured? Like the vending must have broken bones in his body... So maybe at least bring him to Shinra?
Diivizkrah Diivizkrah Aug 18
Izaya: *Sleeping*
                              Shizuo: *Looks at Izaya*
                              Izaya, while sleeping: Oh yes daddy
Rwby307336 Rwby307336 Aug 01
Tsundere alert although its not like you need to notice this comment or anything
Babyjean237 Babyjean237 Jul 18
I laughed so hard when it said he jumped 30 yards away!!!😂😂😂😂
Whatderp29 Whatderp29 Jul 14
For a second I was like whaaaat when I read smokes. Im from Ireland and we call them fags I got really confused for a second
alldaycat alldaycat Oct 24
Why do have a feeling that he went to the bathroom to jerk off 🤔🤔