We had sex... So what

We had sex... So what

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Channii By imagine_DEEZ_ Updated Oct 30, 2015

Sleep....................Is....................The one thing I need more of.

Why couldn't the sun have a day off and everyone lays the hell down and sleeps. I strech alittle and wince.

I stretch again and pain erupts in my stomach. What the fuck. I curl into a ball and moan. Son of a bitch, I must be cramping. I hear something moving on the other side of my bed and freeze. Being the cowardx that I am, I reach off the bed for my phone.

I'm freaking out.

I have to call Jason

I hit his speed dial and listen as it rings. Somewhere in my room his phone goes off.

Oh.............. Well, I fell so fucking stupid.

He always sleeps over.

UsusaIly I am fully dressed though. Slowly I turn and come face to face with Jason. He's still sleeping, the light from the window outlining his face, which is all slightly bruised.

How he managed to hurt himself no-one knows. I slowly lift the covers and come to the conclusion I dreaded.

He was completely naked too. Damn. He's bigger than I thought he...

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