boy // ot4

boy // ot4

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kai snow By ocalamity Completed

all luke ever wanted was to be a boy. 

all the world ever seem to want was to keep luke a girl. 

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Frost460998 Frost460998 May 12, 2017
When you go off T you don't go "back" to how you were before you just don't get any new changes?
-PunkRockAussies- -PunkRockAussies- Aug 07, 2016
Why do I feel tears coming on what's wrong with me I'm an emotional meas
5secondsofshyland 5secondsofshyland May 25, 2016
What the heck is Polygamy and Polyamory and bigender? Sorry, but I'm confused...
afi_chokeme afi_chokeme Feb 08, 2017
I havent even finished the first chapter and im already crying
killingdemons killingdemons Jul 25, 2015
Polygamy insinuates religious beliefs being involved 
                              Polyamory is purely attraction 
                              (Just FYI) ☺️☺️☺️☺️
love_penguins_02 love_penguins_02 Mar 17, 2015
Okay I know what trans is but what's bigender? Is that like bisexual?