《Dark Russita》You should appologzie

《Dark Russita》You should appologzie

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Jean Wilson By DarkAph Completed

Feliciano vargas makes the mistake of stepping on Ivan's scarf and is made a young slave due to it. He is forced to do many things, one being release a man he had been trying to hide for quite a long time. 

A mafioso man who is forced to torture Ivan's young rebellious sister into submission. 

Enjoy a story with lot's of violence and gore!

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lizjsk lizjsk Sep 11, 2017
Anyone else not even know this was a ship until now, but still is inclined to read it because of the cover. Because me.
DarkAph DarkAph Apr 24, 2015
@hetaliafangirlchan it can be adorable and terrifying all at once
hetaliafangirlchan hetaliafangirlchan Apr 24, 2015
never thought of this ship before.... kinda like it tho KOLOLOLOLOL
lafant lafant Dec 31, 2014
I can't tell if Russia is gonna kill Italy or kiss Italy ;-; 
                              But I kinda ship Italy with Russia now, so I hope it's the second option. 
                              great story btw~