The girl who always gets bullied at High School

The girl who always gets bullied at High School

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SavanahGreco By SavanahGreco Updated Dec 04, 2014

It was Brooke's first day at her new high school. She always thought that Park Ridge high is a good school full of nice people. 

1 week being at Park Ridge High and she hated it. But there was this girl named Jada-Rose, Jada-Rose was the schools bully as well as Samantha. 

First Break:  Brooke went to sit down to eat her lunch . While she was eating her lunch she heard a voice say "Hey ugly what are you doing." Brooke said sadly "Who are you" Jada-Rose and Samantha exclaimed "My name is Jada-Rose and this is Samantha".  Brooke said politely "Can you please not call me ugly because I'm not". They both said "Shut up, you ugly little brown head idiot". Brooke replied "IM GOING, AND LEAVE ME ALONE". 

Second Break: As Brooke went back to her spot to sit down to eat her lunch. Then she looked up and saw Jada-Rose and Samantha standing there and the said "Why are you sitting alone you rat". Brooke ignored them. Jada-Rose replied "Why are you ignoring us you RAT".

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