The Impossible Happy

The Impossible Happy

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I've never written a description before. But from what I've seen, it usually has some lil bit of the story that really makes you want to read more. So, here goes: (this is a bit from chap 1) 

"The Angel, Castiel, was worried. He had done everything the brothers had asked of him, he had done everything right. But an overwhelming sense of self consciousness still weighed on him- why was Dean looking at him like that? Hadn't he done everything to their satisfaction? What could be the matter? Was Dean mad? Could he have hurt Dean in some way?"

I pinky swear that if you stick with it till the end it gets good. THANK U SM

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ellenjenner ellenjenner Feb 24, 2016
Mr Fizzles can tell when you're being a liiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaar!
angels_hunter angels_hunter May 11, 2016
let's be honest no one even knew who prince was until he died
HersheyBar_15 HersheyBar_15 Jun 22, 2016
I'm a fan of socially awkward Angel dudes, Right? What was I thinking? No, not thinking just feeling..
- - Jul 25, 2016
dear fanfic writers;
                              there are other sexualities
                              not just gay and straight
                              and so many more
CasTheFriendlyAngel CasTheFriendlyAngel Oct 01, 2015
Ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaahaahahahahahha *falls of chair*LIES!!!!*scoffs*