When I was little I spotted The Five People You'll Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom resting atop my older sister's nightstand. Upon reading the title, I was instantly curious and asked my sister who the five people were. She refused to tell me, which I thought was stupid, because according to my seven-year-old self, I would never come across myself reading it. However, when I was 13, amidst a limited bookshelf of a bed and breakfast in Nelson, New Zealand, I discovered the books and the old curiosity of my seven-year-old self was ignited once again. Out of boredom and lack of a better option I picked it up, and started reading in the bathroom. A book with the length of one that would usually take me two weeks to finish took me two days. It is now my favorite book.

~I dedicate this to Mitch Albom for masterfully putting together one of the greatest (and underrated) stories of all time, and my sister, who refused to tell me who those five people were.~

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