Watt Academy

Watt Academy

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Seita, "Proud Companion" By Seita_Shuuya Updated May 13, 2015

In Watt Academy, there are those that are accepted through their talent and hard work that make it through the ranks to get in and enter classrooms, learning first-hand and up front with real teachers. Then, there are those that don't make it and must attend the year online. This is about the story of five individuals that have been given the prestigious right to attend such a place.

Welcome to the first semester of W.A., introducing the beginning of  new students. For Seita Shuuya, an anime character look-alike, he's a fresh writer that was admitted into the school merely by luck, of all things! See as he encounters different people, old friends, and some past traumas. While learning that nothing is ever really what it may be like, can he come to understand the true reason behind the fame that comes from the school's walls?

(Publisher's note; This is a work made through different writers' penmanship, meaning if there are any different kinds of styles, these are the ways that each of the people write. Don't criticize how each of us write, it is how we do what we do.)

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Seita_Shuuya Seita_Shuuya Apr 21, 2015
@sakura-kyoko XD I beg to differ. Guilty Crown was amazing. So was Tokyo Ghoul.
whatacringefest whatacringefest Feb 16, 2015
Hello! Love the story so far (idk why I'm commenting on the first part XD) I just wanted to say, that I used to be @eternity_imagination, I just changed my username. Well, anyways, just thought I'd let you know!
Seita_Shuuya Seita_Shuuya Dec 14, 2014
@TheDoll_House only YOU say Sasori-nii.
                              no joke, the ONLY reason I recognized you
Seita_Shuuya Seita_Shuuya Dec 14, 2014
@TheDoll_House Also, remember that if you wish to be a part of this, you need to have made your character information ON the message bar in the first chapter, where it has a letter. Make your character description on there with the 6 classes you will be in.
Seita_Shuuya Seita_Shuuya Dec 14, 2014
@TheDoll_House Never physically met. in the case of two people in this project though, they might have, I think.
Seita_Shuuya Seita_Shuuya Dec 14, 2014
@scorpiocruz96 then I copy and paste it.
                              do it on skype though