no regrets

no regrets

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George Bernard Shaw once said,"There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it." 

Yes, losing your heart's desire is tragic but gaining it, I wouldn't take that back for the world.

Every person finds someone they know they will always love; even if they end up together or not. For Davina it  was Luke.

Davina is an average teenage girl. She is kind, sincere, and like by everyone. She didn't have to mean to be liked. All she had to do was charm people with her good looks and adorable personality. The one thing that people don't know is that she is broken; she fell and she needed someone to pick her up.

Luke is the high school's new kid. Once he arrived nobody knew a thing about him except that he was no good. The thing is, he wasn't a bad boy like everyone thought he was. He just didn't know how to deal with his life. He couldn't open his heart. That is until he met Davina.

Both of them were afraid of one thing...

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