The Escapee ( Original Story: MxM )

The Escapee ( Original Story: MxM )

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Junmyeon By my-king-junmyeon Updated Mar 25, 2017

Chevy Arch Makler has been living a life of danger for as long as he could remember. Used to hearing all sorts of detonating explosions, both near and far. One day, his mother confronts him in tears,  only holding out a letter. 

As he reads, he discovers that he has been married off to his mother's friend's only child. The child's name wasn't given , but the gender was given away. 

Chevy was to leave his mother, and go marry another man without a say, all to be safe.

{First yaoi / MxM, if you don't count one shots, so don't bully my newbie story... Please. [Not that I care or anything..] [I'm sorry I do care]}

Includes subjects such as rape, sexual harrassment, depression, and hints to an eating disorder, so if you are extremely sensitive to this, I suggest out on this one. (Please, I don't want this book/hobby to make anyone feel bad)

I do not own any of the art used in this book.
(I plan on eventually replacing for my own.)

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