Ice Hot|| Rewriting

Ice Hot|| Rewriting

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Maya By malefic- Updated Apr 02, 2015

-Used to be Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble-

Vera Hall had always thought her life would only ever be running her magic shop, Herbs
and Things, and constantly arguing with everyone and everything possible. She
never expected to be helping the authorities track down a man accused of
robbing from one of The Society's highly esteemed members — the man who she can't help
but love to hate: Nikoloas Stavros.

Armed only with her incredibly vast knowledge of magic and her ability to out-argue anyone
and everyone, Vera must catch the robber and avoid her undeniable attraction to

Currently Rewriting

Cover: @ArtiePants

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  • robbery
  • san-francisco
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- - Dec 29, 2014
This was actually pretty good. I like how you put the reader in the story, and it seems like it'll be a fun read :). Poor Vera her parents seem difficult, but I suppose they all can be at times. Nice work :)
Nandi_taylor Nandi_taylor Dec 17, 2014
I loved it! I thought the dialogue was great. Her parents were somewhat complex--hate magic users but still love her. I felt the part with Nikolas was a bit lacking. There could have been more romantic tension/emotion. But overall the conflict and pacing carried me all the way through the chapter.