Confessions of a Teenager

Confessions of a Teenager

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Loving yourself is an act of rebellion. 

So, let the revolution begin. 

365 confessions, stories, and poems. 

(Best to read one each day or etc.)
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alyse5363 alyse5363 Mar 20, 2016
It takes guts to share things about yourself, and this is honestly beautiful.
Tragic-Love19970821 Tragic-Love19970821 Oct 15, 2015
@MissPunkNobody   Thanks so much. I really do try to add a lot of emotion. It gets cheesy for a while, but it has a lot more emotion in the ending. It changes a lot too.
- - Oct 15, 2015
Wow. Just wow. You put so many emotions into this, many of which I can relate to. If this is how the whole book is in super stoked
Tragic-Love19970821 Tragic-Love19970821 Apr 14, 2015
Well, I will surround myself in his movies. :D @NicolsNoriegaOlazbal
Chamer333 Chamer333 Apr 14, 2015
I think you already have, The Godfather is Frank Ford Copolla, and Kubrick you already know (Clockwork Orange, 2001) (btw, I also loved the soundtrack, fav movie of all time)
Tragic-Love19970821 Tragic-Love19970821 Apr 13, 2015
Thank you so much! That is really helpful, and I respect someone who knows how to hand over a bit of criticism. So, thank you. I will definitely check Stanley Kubrick/ Frank Ford Copolla out.
                               I have seen 2001: I personally loved the soundtrack. :D 
                              Thank you, again, for the comment. :)