Ska8r Boi (NaLu fanfic)

Ska8r Boi (NaLu fanfic)

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chloe_elizabeth666 By chloe_elizabeth666 Updated Dec 08, 2014

FairyTail High the best high school in all of Magnolia. But with every high school there is always the groupies. you have the preps the punks,nerds,jocks you name it FairyTail High has got it.

Lucy Heartfilia USED to be the preppiest girl in her freshmen and sophomore years, but this year she had a dream that terrible things were going to happen to her, so finally she decided to show her real self to the school, the semi-goth bookworm. what will her abusive father have to say?

Natsu Dragoneel the new boy his first year at FairyTail High. He ran into Lucy at the mall he instantly caught on to her, him lucy immediately hitnit off and become best friends the first day because no one else would speak to the new her. No one knows much about him other than Lucy but to her he is more than the  boy with spikey pink hair and a skateboard. 

But after her and Natsu become very close, he accidently gets involved in her family issues. will the issues break them apart or bring them closer?

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