Touka x Kaneki One-shots

Touka x Kaneki One-shots

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Cucked by Ken Kaneki By Mjbstallion Updated Jun 29, 2017

Requests Open!

I'm upset at the lack of Toukaneki one-shots. Your welcome to my fellow Toukaneki bastards. We will make them canon... In our imaginations... *flitters into the sunset* (I apologize in advance for being weird)

Massive thanks to AyatoShira for the cover! Check 'em out sometime, they've got some impressive stories up their sleeve.

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ShitNipple ShitNipple Jun 19, 2016
Oh well but I'm sassing little mother effers at a party right now.
Crona_Gorgon_SE Crona_Gorgon_SE Aug 13, 2015
I think it's nicely written. the story doesn't seem to jump from one idea to the next but instead flows into the next idea
SmartRose14 SmartRose14 Jul 16, 2015
It's kind of hard to read this condensed text! Paragraphs would help ;) just a friendly suggestion
KanekisDovetail KanekisDovetail Apr 20, 2015
I may have just started this but it's gonna be funny, I can tell
Ive_Been_Made Ive_Been_Made Apr 06, 2015
What I say to my sister, and then I stay there for a long while
voidfren voidfren Feb 28, 2015
Kaneki and Touka are awesome... I love the sassy Touka you put there, lol