Romantic Rebels

Romantic Rebels

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Zoey By OurRomanticRebelLove Updated Dec 05, 2014

Tears run down my face as I sob quietly into my pillow. My brother screaming again, my parents fighting, and it's so cold. It's all combined.
 I pass out from the stress.
   And all of a sudden, I'm awakened at 2am, parents still going, brother still screaming. A buzz from my phone comes off once more.
   I read the text.
I'm scared

I put on my brown cloak. It's time and I'm extremely nervous. Damn, stupid Caspian. I check my phone, rereading his text.
                              Meet me at Drogenly St.
                                    It's important.
                          Please, Sera. I'm begging you.
So I went. Even though I promised myself I hated his guts and would never talk to him again. I still do promise myself that. I'll- in sign language! With my fingers..and stuff.. I'm sure he'll be able to read my vibe whether or not I talk. And damn, might I just say, this cloak is pretty freaking uncomfortable. But it's worth it.
                               It's for him.
=          =          =           =          =         =         =         =         =
Seraphine Lucsiv, a 15 year old girl with the average height of 5'4, and being quite skinny with 94 pounds, falls in love with a rebel. Though she comes off as a low-self esteem nerd, doing such things as essays early, having good grades, being the teachers pet, she's quite the rebel herself, even though she didn't know it. Not even her best friend knew it.
Caspian Calhound isn't even trying to make Seraphine fall for him. Actually, it's the opposite. He's often alone due to a bad-boy imagine, but is often with his friend Alex.  Caspian wants to destroy Seraphine, wants to make her hate him. He sees the bad girl in her and automatically lusts for it, as if the whole school was a petite girl school. 

But little did he know that she would fall for him as deep as Alice fell into her hole.

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drea313 drea313 Jul 19, 2015
This is a really good book. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next chapter. I already like Doug, he seems really cool and so does Alex. Not so sure on Caspian though lol