Love Isn't Real

Love Isn't Real

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Julia Jones By whitepanda10 Updated Apr 03, 2015

"What do you mean, you don't believe in falling in love?" Colton asked me with a frown on his face.

"Love isn't real, people don't actually love you. They say they do but they actually don't." Kody said shrugging.

"Everybody has to fall in love sometime in their life." Colton complains.

"Not me, love only leads to heartbreak and tears. Love is sick, love always hurts no matter what." Kody says while walking away.

Kody Jensen is a normal teenager, loves parties, hanging out, and much more. But one word she hates the most is Love. Kody doesn't believe in love or falling in Love. She has one huge secret that no one knows about except for her friends and family.

Colton Mitchell is your typical bad boy, popular, hot, and much more. Colton starts falling for Kody but one problem, she doesn't believe in love. Will he find out why?

Will Colton get Kody to fall in love or will everything come crashing down?

No Love,
No Pain.

Sequel to: I Think I'm Falling For Mr. Player

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When are they going to school and meet this suppose “bad boy” ?
Lovekegan Lovekegan Jan 07, 2015
Oh oops sorry *goes and gets falling for mr player and starts to read*
Book_lover365 Book_lover365 Jan 04, 2015
do i have to read the first story to understand this bec im verry interested in the story
icecreamkisses icecreamkisses Jan 04, 2015
JASON DERELO hahah okay I don't know how to spell his name lmaoo I love that song!!!!
icecreamkisses icecreamkisses Jan 04, 2015
Pfft....ha!...nice joke, KODY mr.colton will fall for you and then you will fall for him so too bad on you,Hahahha XD