Do Opposites Really Attract? (Jelsa)

Do Opposites Really Attract? (Jelsa)

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fanmagination By fanmagination Updated Dec 05, 2014

Does one ever wonder if our dear Queen Elsa of Arendelle ever finds someone to warm her frozen heart? Someone to treat her gently and with the utmost respect that one could give? To show an overflowing abundance of affection and always do as her heart desires? Above all, does she find that one, who keeps her in her calm and serene comfort zone as she would most prefer?

I am here to tell you that, no, she doesn't. On the bright side, however, she does find someone to freeze her frozen heart. Someone to taunt and throw snowballs at her when she clearly told them to cut it out. To scare her out of her wits and drag her from one place to another regardless of her consent. Above all, to teach her to be devilish, mischievous, and (most importantly) fun.

To see two people so drastically wrong for each other, well, I call that true love. The question remains, however, do opposites really attract? Or is it just a fairy tale hoax?

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