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HalfAHemmo By HalfAHemmo Updated Dec 14, 2014

Carter Morfey.  My name is Carter Morfey.
 That is the only thing I know and the only thing that I will ever be
certain of.  The world we live in is not a constant one.  Our reality
is what we make it and mine will always be different than the next person's.
 There is no real.  There is no imagination.  Everything I know
is an illusion.  I am happy I chose the path I did and there is no going
back now anyways; I realized that
long ago.

I do not regret for a single second that morning when I walked into that doctor's
office with trembling hands and a guilty heart.  That decision is what
made me realize what life really is.  It was the day my eyes were opened
to the truth and the day my life was given a purpose.  That is all that we
really need right, a purpose in life?

I found that and now nothing else matters anymore.  I have
come to accept the illusive game our minds play and how our minds are the ring
masters of our realities.  Nothing is real, but on the contrary, nothing is

Everything you know is
an illusion.

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This made me realize that I really need to get on with the editing