Ninjago Daughter Scenarios

Ninjago Daughter Scenarios

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What was my old name?? By MayDreamer1 Completed

You're found as an abandoned baby by one of the ninjas, who takes you in. 

He cares for you, teaches you, and overall...

Loves you.

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cosplay_madness cosplay_madness Oct 10, 2017
Lions kia obviously it would be hard to take care of freaking lions
willsolace101 willsolace101 Jun 13, 2017
Cause I am adorable and you are insane and weird and have a hedgehog as hair
pinkninjagirl101 pinkninjagirl101 Dec 07, 2016
Kai:and why am I talking to a baby?
                              Me:CUZ BABYS ARE PEOPLE TO KAI LITERALLY! !!
TheOtakuForLife388 TheOtakuForLife388 Jan 05, 2017
Kai:......and why am I talking to a baby?
                              Me:because i'm a badass baby dude
ThatPinkPony ThatPinkPony May 09, 2016
I am just looking at all thses comments and they are all in capitals. XD
BlueMoonSweets BlueMoonSweets Jul 30, 2016
Kai walks a lonely road, the only one that he has ever known