ReBound (mxm)

ReBound (mxm)

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Isabella Kai By isabella_kai Completed

Paranormal Romance (Werewolf)

What's worse than being a gay werewolf? Being a gay werewolf in love with your alpha.

Caron Mckinley has a secret that he could never tell anyone. 

No, it's not the fact that he's a werewolf and it's not about him being gay. Although he's not fully out of his wolfy closet, he's already confessed his sexual preference to the people who matters most in his life. Everything is well and good. They seem to be taking this fact about him with sure, even strides.

What's his big bad secret?

Caron is in love with the alpha of the Sandalius Pack, Arrick Colson. Not only does he know that Arrick is straighter than a steel rod, he also happens to be his brother in law.

How's that for metaphysical paradox? <-had to include this line because it sounded brilliant. anyhow, ignore me. carry on... k",)

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fallingfairytale fallingfairytale Nov 19, 2017
Here boat Caron. Go and chase that ship. It still not to late. Go my son.
tejas123 tejas123 7 days ago
I had to escape the room so I can fully grin happily , my brother was in same room and I am still kind of in closet xd
IAmAmused IAmAmused Sep 10, 2017
*self-advertises on book while frantically correcting every mistake possible and remembering the details*
                              You can't tell me what to do.
IllisMoreo87 IllisMoreo87 Nov 18, 2017
the time of my unrequited loves (or crushes) were me being a stalker. kinda.
fallingfairytale fallingfairytale Nov 19, 2017
So that's answer the question. He and Caron are real mate. He must be mistaken Catriona as his mate because they both have the same scent.
Kahuna_ Kahuna_ Oct 30, 2017
Lord the kid almost made me cry and it’s the first chapter