My Sister's Baby : Hemmings

My Sister's Baby : Hemmings

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Caylee By ithinkimpunkrock Updated Jul 28, 2016

Idea from the WONDERFUL:

"Why'd you do it?"
"I gave up my childhood so she could have one."
When you're eighteen, you're expected to party, get drunk, sleep around and maybe even dabble with drugs, but not me.  I spend my days and nights tending to a crying baby.  Not my baby, I'm way too immature and smart to do "the deed".  But my sister Sam wasn't; that's what got her Luna.  I haven't heard from Sam in 3 months, not since she did the cliche thing.  By cliche, I mean leaving her kid crying at my doorstep, wrapped in blankets, lying in a baby carrier.  Mum refused to take her, so did my Dad.  They didn't even want me to take her, but I had to.   So now, because of my strong beliefs and my sister's bad choices, I'm a single eighteen year old mother.


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HemmingsLukeKitten__ HemmingsLukeKitten__ Mar 15, 2017
                              Y'ALL AIN'T NEVER GONNA SLEEP 'CAUSE OF ME
HemmingsLukeKitten__ HemmingsLukeKitten__ Mar 15, 2017
Reminds me of Darryl in The Outsiders.  I felt bad that he had to give up his teen years so Ponyboy and Soda could have theirs'
SavageAsshole SavageAsshole Aug 25, 2016
Me! I like babies but not when they cry. And I don't like kids around 4-5 years. I swear they are monsters!
Serenestars123 Serenestars123 Mar 22, 2015
@ithinkimpunkrock okay! I'll make sure to keep you posted on what I think. Granted I'm just one reader but, if it helps...
Serenestars123 Serenestars123 Mar 20, 2015
OH! I didn't mean to sound mean, I was curious! I love the story so far!
Serenestars123 Serenestars123 Mar 20, 2015
Is this a Luke Hemmings fanfic? I thought it was.... Does he come in later?