Everlast (boyxgirlxboy/menage) ON HOLD

Everlast (boyxgirlxboy/menage) ON HOLD

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McKenna By Samffrey_Jodd_Curpan Updated Jan 17

Meet Ava. She's a little, well, different... As in... Not human? Yeah, lets put it that way. With her parents recent death, she is left torn apart and crumbling. Her first day back to school and sadly.... She gets auctioned off in a human auction house. But, the bidders? They're far from human. Luckily, gets auctioned off to her mates. Yes, mates. As in plural. Demon and an angel. Weird combo right? Just as Ava is deeply in love with these devilishly handsome men, she starts to fall for her best friend. Well, lets get honest, she's probably in love with him. But how? Love besides your mates is impossible... Right? She's starting to realize that love in hell isn't all what it seems. 


Okay, so I'm horrible at these, and my old description somehow got deleted. This story is a lot better than it seems. The prologue isn't the best, but oh well. But, I would really like it if you read my story. 

P.S. updates are extremely irregular. When I mean irregular, I mean there will be a chapter at least once a month. I know, that's really bad. Criticize me later.

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ConstanceHeartly ConstanceHeartly Jun 06, 2016
I read this as Vaseline and now that all I can think about...
Clown_Queen_ofCrime Clown_Queen_ofCrime Sep 18, 2016
I would hate my parents for this. Like it's already bad enough they died but in death you make her a slave....😧😠😒😒😒😒
Samffrey_Jodd_Curpan Samffrey_Jodd_Curpan Mar 03, 2015
@Might_Of_An_Angel Thanks for being so nice! I'm not really all that good of a writer.