But I'm broken (modern day Sasuke x Reader)

But I'm broken (modern day Sasuke x Reader)

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This is a modern day reader x sasuke 

Reader has to go to a new school because her parents have recently died . She kills all emotion as she does not want to form bonds and end up hurt because of them, as well as her being a shy girl in general .

Sasuke soon takes notice of her as she's not like the other girls .

Will he be able to break her walls and accept the secrets behind them ? 

Read and find out ~<3

Um Iruka I don't want to die from Ino so could you NOT place me next to him
rebeccameng7 rebeccameng7 Oct 17, 2016
Holy crap.
                              Everyone pack your bags and get running.
                              THE EVIL MATH IS HERE
ibunicorn ibunicorn Mar 10, 2016
Just want to say it's prefect not perfect those are two different words and meanings 
                              I'm not saying this to be mean I just wanted to make sure you guys know this
titanium_girlz7 titanium_girlz7 Dec 14, 2016
Wish I was like this at school ..😂😂but sadly am not😑😑😂😂
pony_likez_durdlez pony_likez_durdlez Nov 06, 2016
BAHAHAHHAAHHA "the perfect" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SakuyaBlossom SakuyaBlossom Jun 03, 2016
On the first day of school we had to introduce ourselves and I was so close to use this introduction