The Hanging Tree - Rick Grimes (Book 1)

The Hanging Tree - Rick Grimes (Book 1)

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Good people live within hearts. Great people live within minds. Powerful people live in words. Amy lived in touch for Rick. Rick runs into a woman on the road things run wild.


The Safety Dance is a book (you can find it on my page) that ties with this one. I do recommend you read that first but you don't have to. I promise it won't mess with reading this book alone.

*Book Two Is Out!*
Fitzpleasure, the second book to this one cab be found on my page.

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Jeen1234 Jeen1234 Sep 06, 2017
I can't with these he's Korean comments yea he is but it's also in Asia like legit the general term of someone from Asia is Asian I would know I'm Asian myself
Blueoceanalien Blueoceanalien Apr 10, 2017
OK but how is she suppose to know that he is Korean... I mean you can't just be like oh he is definitely Korean (°∀°)b
shyfairies shyfairies Jul 30, 2017
Every time someone calls Glenn Asian everyone gets triggered but Korea is in Asia
twdximagines twdximagines Aug 27, 2017
I'm imagining Rick before the new world just wearing a pink sheriff hat every Wednesday to work 😂
xXNightmare101Xx xXNightmare101Xx Sep 12, 2017
Who cares about that bitch the only good things she's ever done is give birth to Carl and die during childbirth.
planetwarfare planetwarfare Feb 24, 2017
But it does not match with rick, she aint his type... sorry lol