The note ( L x Light)

The note ( L x Light)

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ZombieLivesMatters By cornstalk123 Updated Nov 14

L has been investigationing the kira case for a while. He suspected the Chefs son Light Yagami. He asked Light Yagami to join the task force after he befriended him. Light agreed and now they would be handcuffed together. 

{ Lights point of view} 

Is this really necessary?!" I shout in annoyance. Even after befriending him he still doesn't trust me. 

"Yes its completely necessary until your proven innocent." He says looking at me with his grey eyes. I sigh and try to calm myself down. It looks like if I want to become God of the new world I'll have to try a different approach. He sits on his computer in his chair. I sit by the computer next to him in my chair. I decide to place my hand on his leg. 

{ L's point of view} 

"Is this really necessary?!" Light shouts after I place the handcuffs in us. 

"Its completely necessary until your proven innocent." I say looking at him. Its not like I don't want to believe he's not kira. Its just that everything points to him until he is. So fo...

Best spelling error ever! I especially love these comments. I never laughed so hard in my life.
AMS477 AMS477 Aug 28
This reminds me of a doujin I read... It's the same one that the cover picture is from.
Sorry to do this. I'm not being mean or offensive in any way. It's *i not I'll. Sorry don't hate me please
AnneAuthor AnneAuthor Mar 07
Chef Yagami and the Death Cook Book. Those who eat from its recipes will die within 40 seconds of food poisoning unless you write down the new recipe with a new poisoned ingredient. L works for the health department.
shadowlya shadowlya Nov 13, 2015
It's not jeff the killer.. it's not jeff the killer... well they're similar excepting jeff the killers smile xD
Cyanide-Surgeon Cyanide-Surgeon Sep 20, 2015
I just imagined every serious scene with mr Yagami in it replaced with him wearing a chefs outfit and  just offering food to everyone. If a typo could ever be perfect, I think I have found it ;-;