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Switched (Death Note L x Light)

Switched (Death Note L x Light)

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Ant-Man By gracee800 Completed

L and Light. Both totally opposite from the other. Light wishes death upon L, and absolutely hates him. L is mysterious,and is after the mass murderer Kira,who happens to be Light. Will switching with each other finally reveal how one another feels? Or the dark secrets in one of their minds? Or will it awaken another feeling? 

XD how was that description?I suck at it,I know. okay,I will do my disclaimers now! Death Note does not belong to me,although I wish it did!!! also,if you don't like Boy X Boy,this fanfic is not for you. Enjoy ;) Also,I got the ideas for this fan fiction from my best friend,Victorya or, @bluewing88. I also based this off of the song,"Beautiful" by Eminem. I suggest you listen to it,it is a great song!

This reminds me; I don't think I've ever seen L blink in the anime 😂
(Just a btw I really wished Light didn't win. But at the same time I did. It's really confusing 😂)
Yeah no, it's been stated that L thinks humans are selfish and disgusting thus could never see Light as his friend. He just wanted to see what Light would say. Personally I wish that L really did mean it
I've had problems with insomnia a few years back, it's not as much of a problem now. I can relate to him, simply put  it's not L's fault 😂
ArcticBlitz ArcticBlitz Jan 17
"What human didn't sleep, or have emotion!" -couch cough- Levi Ackerman -cough cough-
Anti social = not being able to understand other people's emotions. 😂😂 I'm kidding, but you needa look up your definitions, Author-chan