The Rejected Mate

The Rejected Mate

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Dear Red Demon Pack,

Your pack name really suits you because all you have been to me was evil.

I've tried to reason and tell you what happened to your Luna but you choose to ignore me in everything I do. 

So I'm leaving don't try to contact me or even say sorry because I will "NEVER EVER FORGIVE YOU ESPECIALLY MY MATE I MEAN SOON TO BE ALPHA."

I hope you all realize what you lost,because one day you'll need me again.


Tyler, The Chosen White Wolf 

PS: I will be back for revenge 

After getting rejected by her other half all she wants most is revenge.

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thiccbitchniall thiccbitchniall Oct 05, 2017
Incest? I mean we are talking about Greek gods and stuff so it doesn't really matter
Bish I ain’t taking no detention, you can shove it up ya lil anus
TheRulerOfShadow TheRulerOfShadow Nov 14, 2017
I would have destroyed them even in my happiest day that’s just how I am🙂
TheDevilFearsMe TheDevilFearsMe Jun 26, 2017
It should be like once, until the chosen wolf dies, and then another chosen wolf is born. And so on
Music_Everyday Music_Everyday Dec 05, 2017
Bitch I'm gonna slap that smirk till all you have are bruises
SwagGirl0011 SwagGirl0011 Jul 15, 2017
All of y'all saying how ur eye color changes when I'm just stuck with pain ol blue+grey