The Rejected Mate

The Rejected Mate

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Dear Red Demon Pack,

Your pack name really suits you because all you have been to me was evil.

I've tried to reason and tell you what happened to your Luna but you choose to ignore me in everything I do. 

So I'm leaving don't try to contact me or even say sorry because I will "NEVER EVER FORGIVE YOU ESPECIALLY MY MATE I MEAN SOON TO BE ALPHA."

I hope you all realize what you lost,because one day you'll need me again.


Tyler, The Chosen White Wolf 

PS: I will be back for revenge 

After getting rejected by her other half all she wants most is revenge.

marionnah1 marionnah1 Jul 27, 2016
Just put wolfsbane in the food and when u take the food to them have a silver knife dipped in wolfsbane and stab the alpha and watch the others try to attack you but they can't because their too weak
OmfgKat OmfgKat Aug 05, 2016
                              IM A SKINY BÎTCH BUT I STILL TAKE SAUSGAE
                              (I'm doing this again 😂 this is the second time I have done this in a book)
AlexiaHernandez14 AlexiaHernandez14 Jul 18, 2016
My eyes change so they can be green one moment then brown the next, but hazel mostly. I have nothing against people with brown eyes but I don't like my eyes brown.
rb46388 rb46388 Nov 27, 2016
Sometimes when I'm like really mad my pupils start to shake. It's so weird, but it rarely happens to me
rb46388 rb46388 Nov 27, 2016
My eyes are naturally really light brown but when I'm mad they turn really dark brown, almost black.
katesilentreader katesilentreader Jul 19, 2016
??? More like boys name...... but I still respect your decision