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Addiction [boyxboy]

Addiction [boyxboy]

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S.E.T. By MortalGamesinNarnia Completed

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7/12/16 - #43

Jacob Palmer. Druggie. Addicted. Addictive. Scary. Intimidating. Sexy. Possessive.

He has been called all of the above and many more things. But all of those ones are true. He is a druggie. He is addicted, as well as addictive. He is scary and intimidating. And he is undeniably sexy. And when he finds something he likes, he becomes SUPER possessive.

He's done every drug in the book. Cocaine, nicotine, weed, you name it. But the one thing he never got addicted to was love. Sure he's had plenty of "partners", but he never cared about any of them.

But one night, one night changed everything. One night, he ran into a small, and sassy but sweet boy named Timothy.

Now, Timothy Clark has never even gone near a cigarette, let alone drugs. So, when Jacob enters his life and brings in all this trouble. 

Well, Timothy better buckle up because this is going to be one hell of a ride.

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Half my friends and eighty percent of my classmates are druggies- weed, mostly, but also some cocaine and, on rare occasion, meth.
                              My friends just do weed and rarely cocaine.
                              That's what you get for living on a border town right next to Mexico.
"Ride" ;)
                              ON HIS DIC-ummm..continue
When I went to Hollywood it smelled like weed 24/7 and it got worse later in the day and it was making me lightheaded and i just hate the smell of marijuana
dot one-Dean
                              dot two-Cas
                              dot three-Sammy
                              dot four-KITTY
                              DOT FIVE- SQUISHY
Bribeats Bribeats Mar 31
If only I knew how to do that
                              It takes me hours to do one question
I know a kid named Timothy. He asked me out several times, and last week, he got arrested for weed possession and the plotting of distributing it to other kids.
                              We're in seventh grade.
                              That's what I get for living in NM