Addiction [boyxboy]

Addiction [boyxboy]

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Jacob Palmer. Druggie. Addicted. Addictive. Scary. Intimidating. Sexy. Possessive.

He has been called all of the above and many more things. But all of those ones are true. He is a druggie. He is addicted, as well as addictive. He is scary and intimidating. And he is undeniably sexy. And when he finds something he likes, he becomes SUPER possessive.

He's done every drug in the book. Cocaine, nicotine, weed, you name it. But the one thing he never got addicted to was love. Sure he's had plenty of "partners", but he never cared about any of them.

But one night, one night changed everything. One night, he ran into a small, and sassy but sweet boy named Timothy.

Now, Timothy Clark has never even gone near a cigarette, let alone drugs. So, when Jacob enters his life and brings in all this trouble. 

Well, Timothy better buckle up because this is going to be one hell of a ride.

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Suck_my_balls_69 Suck_my_balls_69 7 days ago
Casually talk about drugs on a daily basis, IT'S NORMAL GUYS
LazySide LazySide Jan 12
Pfft, who needs drugs? With unmediated ADHD it's like your own personal high 😂 no drugs needed
LordMehMeh LordMehMeh Jan 15
That part when it says "you name it" reminds of that video with the lady singing about thanksgiving food. LOL
Suck_my_balls_69 Suck_my_balls_69 7 days ago
He got in a fight, then stared at you for a moment before walking away.
                              What's so complicated about that? 
                              LIKE HOW DID HE WALK
lordstilesstilinski lordstilesstilinski Nov 03, 2016
well. . . . .   me Madre she tell me don't talk to strange individuals
"I'm asperger"
                              THE FEELS. AAH.
                              Also, if you get that reference, I love you.