The Player and the Princess

The Player and the Princess

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XxVDxX By AspenDraeger Updated 6 days ago

"What are you so scared of" he asked me leaning in closer

"Loosing you" I replied 

"And who says I'm leaving" he said grabbing my hands. Everyone at school knows he is a huge player. He does this to every girl he dates. And me well I don't want to be the next.

"You do this to everyone! Your pretend you love them to make your self seem cooler" I said yanking my hands away from him. 

"Your not like every other girl" he said grabbing my hands again.

"And why is that" I asked

"Because you Olivia I actually love"

bookstar46 bookstar46 Jul 15
I'm crossing my fingers that she forgot to put her alarm an hour earlier and that it's actually 4:45
Wtf she's In a skirt😂😂everyone's staring at your asś now
This guy is like the main male character for like every book I read
Aaron and Jordan were the main characters of the last book I read
Oliviajcole Oliviajcole Apr 01
That is not level five tumbling or level 6. It's level 2 tumbling hahaha
AARON~SENPAI!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😍😍