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divergent one-shot[s]. 


All names and places in these oneshots are not mine but the lovely Veronica Roths. They were her characters from the start and came from her imagination. These are simply short oneshots.

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LifeasTris LifeasTris Jun 30, 2016
Chris got one thing wrong.....
                              He is beyond sexy
barryallenfourtris barryallenfourtris Aug 24, 2016
Everybody's got a dark side.  Will you love me?  Will you love mine?  Anyone know that song?
bowtomycoolshadows bowtomycoolshadows Jun 17, 2016
Valentine's day is just some ordinary  day in February. No different from any other day
barryallenfourtris barryallenfourtris Aug 24, 2016
At first, I didn't get what was going on.  I read it over and my eyes go wide and eyebrows go high.  Man, was that akward.  Probably spelled that wrong.
sarcastic_insomniac sarcastic_insomniac Mar 28, 2016
Haha "monstrosities" and "death wishes"!!! I'm so telling this to someone if they try to get me to wear heels :)
bowtomycoolshadows bowtomycoolshadows Jun 15, 2016
This is why I work solo whenever I do something*high fives Lynn*