Butthurt 101: A Lesson In Cliche

Butthurt 101: A Lesson In Cliche

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Daddies Cummies By Diclonius Updated Sep 21, 2016

A crudely detailed and self explanatory justification of why exactly I'm going straight to hell. Most likely overly offensive and full of disgusting language that unfortunately I constantly spew. It will include all of the cliches I despise on Wattpad alongside all of the things that the writers and readers do that truly piss me off enough to rant in these chapters. Enjoy it, I dare you.

Please note: It is rated as 'Restricted' [R] apparently. You have been warned, so please don't complain.

This is a severely edited version of what used to be called '100 Overused Cliches and Frustrating Things On Wattpad', if you were wondering what the bloody fuck 'Butthurt 101' was suddenly popping up in your library after years of a lack of an update on the previous version.

Enjoy the cover, too. It was made with lots of giggles.