Locked out! Jean X reader.

Locked out! Jean X reader.

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oreillys By oreillys Updated Jan 25, 2015

You haven't been going out for long but you already know he's the man for you. And when that convenient 'Accident' happens......well you'll just have to find out.

I hope the person I'm writing this for enjoys it; you know who you are. 

I hope YOU, yes you, enjoy it as well.

Ho and to the person I'm writing this for; again you know who you are :p. How far this goes is up to you so drop a comment and let me know. ^-^

three dates? i mean like yeah i love jean but yikes that's fast
I don't have keys... ;-; they don't fit because i broke a spoon in the door
Jasmine_TJR Jasmine_TJR Jul 23
I'm acting yandere as f*ck, like 'Jean's clothes!' But it's cute and I like it
yikes this is worse than when i stole my boyfriend's sweatshirt
Jasmine_TJR Jasmine_TJR Jul 23
0///0 he held me... *touches cheek and feels hotness and gasps* (that literally what I did 😂)
Maxizuki Maxizuki Sep 16, 2015
I'd just jump the fence and get in through the back door even if I'm wearing a dress because I've done it before