FNaF x Reader One shots (Discontinued)

FNaF x Reader One shots (Discontinued)

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Balloon Girl By FNaF2BalloonGirl Completed

I did one shots for tons of characters from FNaF 2. But they all have a specially given name (what I call the new ones) and chapters that are about them will have their nickname in it, but not in the story unless it's an insult or something. Discontinued from lack of inspiration. Sorry.

Chica: Chica
Bonnie: Bonnie
Freddy: Freddy
Foxy: Foxy
Toy Chica: Chicken
Toy Bonnie: Bon Bon
Toy Freddy: Fred
Mangle: Mangle
Gold Freddy: Gold or Freddieo
Balloon Boy(BB): Bubble Boy
Marionette: (the) Puppet Master

Hope you enjoy. ^-^

Before I went in the comments I just knew there would be a Transformers reference😂
Star: Aw that was adorable 
                              Puppet: *blows raspberry* 
                              Star: WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN I DONT UNDERSTAND
Sorry marionette. I have a grudge against you. I still hate you. Don't blame me! Blame your self
chippy82577 chippy82577 Oct 25, 2016
Oh...that's what its called.You just laid some serious knoledge
Bottle_Kap Bottle_Kap Jul 01, 2016
I remember learning about this in a random channel on Tv....I think it was the science channel... Idk lol
TravisJohnstun7 TravisJohnstun7 Oct 04, 2015
You should do a story about Nightmare x Scared reader that would be a good story but no lemons