I'm a Girl and I Attend an All Boys Boarding School. FML.

I'm a Girl and I Attend an All Boys Boarding School. FML.

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na- ta- sha By tashied Updated Jul 11, 2012

So I got this idea when I was at work and I temporarily forgot it so figured I'd enter it for the WattyAwards 

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I'm a simple girl. I never ask for much, I never complain and I'm always one to help. Yet when I get an A instead of an A+ and I'm sent off to a boarding school. Does this seem fair to you? I think not. And top things off, it's an all boys academy. Meaning I'm going to be the only girl the same age of the girl deprived boys. 

Should I be worried?


Reese Witherspoon as Olivia Redfern

Matt Cohen as Alexander Jordan 

Taylor Lautner as Noah Fredricks

Joe Jonas as Callum Smithers

If i got an A instead of an A+, my mom would be like
                              You're Very Smart, Meia!
CourtneyCatalano CourtneyCatalano Aug 06, 2015
"That's a long shot considering the school is across the country"
                              New York to North Carolina is NOT across the country.
Taehyungs_Baozi Taehyungs_Baozi Jul 05, 2015
Does she have to dress up as a boy? Or just be a girl there?
1D-ASF 1D-ASF Feb 05, 2014
@Santana4  it's her story get over it. If you don't like it don't read it
Hatsukare Hatsukare Oct 02, 2013
Hmm... There are some moms like that. They really care about their child's reputation. And maybe because it was an excuse to let Olivia be faraway from her friends since her mom didn't like the idea of Olivia having such...friends. And maybe Olivia was dressing up as a boy?
SShadows21 SShadows21 Sep 22, 2013
Why an all boy's school? Is she transgender, gender queer, or a cross dresser?