I'm a Girl and I Attend an All Boys Boarding School. FML.

I'm a Girl and I Attend an All Boys Boarding School. FML.

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na- ta- sha By tashied Updated Jul 11, 2012

So I got this idea when I was at work and I temporarily forgot it so figured I'd enter it for the WattyAwards 

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I'm a simple girl. I never ask for much, I never complain and I'm always one to help. Yet when I get an A instead of an A+ and I'm sent off to a boarding school. Does this seem fair to you? I think not. And top things off, it's an all boys academy. Meaning I'm going to be the only girl the same age of the girl deprived boys. 

Should I be worried?


Reese Witherspoon as Olivia Redfern

Matt Cohen as Alexander Jordan 

Taylor Lautner as Noah Fredricks

Joe Jonas as Callum Smithers

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I've only gotten an A+ once and that was on my Japanese test.
                              I GOT A FREAKIN B IN ENGLISH.
deborahEO deborahEO Sep 15
Just go get a McDonald's application because with grades like that you'll never get a real job in the real world.
Queennia57 Queennia57 Sep 12
Flipped open did anyone else notice she said she flipped open her cell phone
SyphonRaige SyphonRaige Feb 09
These comments are so funny, but she's lucky...I can barely pull off a D and my only A is in gym...
I'm so confused my school has changed our grades so it is now levels e.g f1 f2 f3 f4~~ f9 there are no A's and B's. Is this just my school????
GAilManalon GAilManalon Feb 05
B+ is already an F for my family and my friends says "well that's because u guys are Asian and Asian people are smart" I mean that's racist people so that's why I always need to get A+ all the time geez 🙄