I'm a Girl and I Attend an All Boys Boarding School. FML.

I'm a Girl and I Attend an All Boys Boarding School. FML.

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na- ta- sha By tashied Updated Jul 11, 2012

So I got this idea when I was at work and I temporarily forgot it so figured I'd enter it for the WattyAwards 

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I'm a simple girl. I never ask for much, I never complain and I'm always one to help. Yet when I get an A instead of an A+ and I'm sent off to a boarding school. Does this seem fair to you? I think not. And top things off, it's an all boys academy. Meaning I'm going to be the only girl the same age of the girl deprived boys. 

Should I be worried?


Reese Witherspoon as Olivia Redfern

Matt Cohen as Alexander Jordan 

Taylor Lautner as Noah Fredricks

Joe Jonas as Callum Smithers

I've only gotten an A+ once and that was on my Japanese test.
                              I GOT A FREAKIN B IN ENGLISH.
SyphonRaige SyphonRaige Feb 09
These comments are so funny, but she's lucky...I can barely pull off a D and my only A is in gym...
I'm so confused my school has changed our grades so it is now levels e.g f1 f2 f3 f4~~ f9 there are no A's and B's. Is this just my school????
GAilManalon GAilManalon Feb 05
B+ is already an F for my family and my friends says "well that's because u guys are Asian and Asian people are smart" I mean that's racist people so that's why I always need to get A+ all the time geez 🙄
darci0701 darci0701 Dec 31, 2016
Say goodbye to the outside world 
                              You'll never get into college with grades like that
GaymerGurl785 GaymerGurl785 Nov 01, 2016
If i got an A instead of an A+, my mom would be like
                              You're Very Smart, Meia!