Doorways to Everywhere (Tourist Trap Book 2)

Doorways to Everywhere (Tourist Trap Book 2)

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Wuckster By Wuckster Completed

Something weird is happening in Quartzwater City.  Roving gangs of chihuahuas are stealing everything that isn't nailed down.  Rumors abound about some entity known only as the Warlord who might have insidious plans.  Also the color green seems to be vanishing out of existence.  This last item is of particular concern to Maximillian J. Toad, famed detective of questionable skills and moral character.  Being a toad, the color green is kind of a big deal.  He travels across universes to the distant planet Earth to seek help from his friends Sarah and Dr. Octavius in an attempt to figure out what the heck is going on.  And what's the deal with all the strange doors that they keep finding everywhere?

Meanwhile Zeke, our hapless protagonist from the first book, finds himself lost in deep space after being kidnapped by a group of condescending aliens intent on displaying him in a zoo on the planet Hoobler.  Can he and his new friend Sadie find a way off the spaceship and back home to Earth?  First they'll have to survive dangerous creatures, hostile planets, black holes, bad joke telling robots, and the greatest threat the universe has ever known.  

Take a trip into the farthest reaches of space and into unknown alternate universes in a story that its author is calling "A triumph!"  "A real tour de force!" "Truly one for the ages!"  "Wuckster has really outdone himself this time!"

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  • humor
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