18 » Narry AU

18 » Narry AU

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Jessica By ForeverUnited93 Completed

~|I have loved you since we were 18|~

Long before we both thought the same thing

To be loved and to be in love

All I could is say that these arms were made for holding you

I wanna love like you made me feel when we were 18


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- - Mar 01, 2015
This is like my favorite song and you are a great author so I'm super happy and ecstatic
tronnorsbaby tronnorsbaby Jan 23, 2015
narries_xo narries_xo Jan 02, 2015
:o this story is gonna be huge!! Such a cute idea :D I can't wait for more!! xx
TheWayIsNotLost TheWayIsNotLost Dec 03, 2014
Sorry accidentally hit post before I finished...
                              Can't wait for this! Love you sis, sweet Narry dreams :D
                              We are lost but found our direction :P
TheWayIsNotLost TheWayIsNotLost Dec 03, 2014
:O I was totally considering writing a short story for that song! I have it in my playlist and I really thought it could be cute :3 but now I get to read my twin's version instead!!!