Two kings and a queen

Two kings and a queen

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X By WonDerOveRLovE Updated Nov 18, 2015

Hey! I got Inspired By This series's Called Reign :) So Im Making this, This Chapter Will Be In Madelyn's POV, this Is Not an Actual Chapter it's a Flashback To When they were Kids, When The Marriage Was Arranged. Thank you for Reads and everything <3 I'm so Thankful. I'll Be Uploading Chapter one The same day As 'what she didn't Know' (On Christmas Day) So Yeah ;) 


I Sat Beside my Mother In The Carriage. "Mother, How Is Damien And Sebastian.. Do you think they'll Like me?" I Pondered. She smiled at me. "They'll Love you Madelyn, Who wouldn't" She Told me. I Giggled and Curled into my Mothers side. "We Are Here!" Arnold The Driver Shouted Opening the door. My Mother stood up and Grabbed my Hand. She Stepped out with the Help Of Arnold. I Wrapped My Arms Around Her Neck. She Chuckled Sweetly. "Darling you Know It's Not Lady Like To Have me carry You at this Age," Mother Said Smiling. I Smiled. she sat me On the ground and Gripped my small Pale Hand. "Don't Le...

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Freya1998 Freya1998 Apr 12, 2017
Whoever voted this story might be blind or else... This looked like you list things, not even a sentence!
Freya1998 Freya1998 Apr 12, 2017
The most worse story I ever read! Do you known how to write a paragraph? Not even a correct sentence! I guessed that you're 5 year-old...
LolaAreadingAddict LolaAreadingAddict Jun 11, 2017
I love Reign! If I am not mistaken it's  about the queen of Scotland.
TheSulfrixCat TheSulfrixCat Feb 03, 2016
I've heard that if you have purple eyes you have no pubes....its rare to have purple eyes though so its very uncommon
yoongilosophy yoongilosophy Jul 16, 2015
lol. I love the series Reign, I think stories like this are difficult to think of, so I'm glad your writing it. P.S it's awesome
My_Hubris My_Hubris Feb 26, 2015
Please don't be discouraged by your lack of readers. This is good and a little editing will go a long way.