Grim (Book Two of The Cursed Chronicles)

Grim (Book Two of The Cursed Chronicles)

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Brittany Hawes By madame_bootsie Updated Sep 20, 2016

After the battle at Prince Edmund Charming's ball, the world has grown to hate magic and anything that possesses it. The kingdoms of the world are ready to strike down upon the Enchanted and rid everyone of them--permanently. 

True love's kiss was supposed to wake her. Unfortunately, it never happened for Princess Eris. For eight years, the dormant princess of Doria waited for her one true love, Prince Charming, to come and wake her from her endless slumber. One day, Eris awakens from her spell only to find a mysterious stranger standing over her and her kingdom in the hands of the Enchanted. Now, Eris must find a way to take back her kingdom and save her race from the grim Fate that the Enchanted have planned for them.

Nate is the new ruler of Livor and he's determined to finally bring peace to the land. With persistent death threats against both Eden, who is blatantly Enchanted, and  himself, the outlook for a changed kingdom isn't looking good. Nate won't give up on Ruta's dreams of a good life for Eden, though, even if it means becoming like Ruta herself...

Morgana finally knows where she belongs. Her rightful place is on the throne of Etude, to rule over her kingdom as its Queen. Resistance arises when her people discover that she is an Enchanted. Determined to stop the impending war between Enchanted and humans, Morgana must pass a series of deadly trials The Council of Etude arranged and discover the story of her origins that no one wants her to know. 

Three young rulers on the brink of war and a race of Enchanted beings who have been oppressed for far too long.... The key to saving everyone's lives may just lie in the icy cold hands of Death.

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