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Pein's daughter (a naruto fanfic) [Undergoing Major Editing]

Pein's daughter (a naruto fanfic) [Undergoing Major Editing]

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Rika Uzuki By ThatR34llyW3irdGirl Updated Apr 25

Pein and konan once had a daughter; Kitori. After a small trip to the land of fire, they got into some trouble. They instantly regretted bringing her along. She was found under a bush, by Tsume Inuzuka, Korumaru, and Rin Nohara. Rin Claims Kitori is too young to be capable of anything, so it's decided; Rin will take her back to her home, and then to the hokage. Kitori ended up living with Rin and her 3 children.

During the nine tails attack Rin was killed, trying to save, and evacuate other children and civilians. Kitori is soon left on her own when her siblings fallow suit. But she isn't completely alone, as she has Naruto and Sasuke on her side.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Naruto, or the Naruto characters. I only own, Kitori, and my plot.

Your book is NOT trash, I don't know what that person was trying to get through but whatever it was isn't working because I found your story around last night and I binge read it all I love your book I don't think it needs editing.
It not trash, ur amazing. Why so u think i read and get anxious for new chapters. Those who say it trash should just find what they like, u cant impress everyone.
You did a great job on this book! It isn't trash and you aren't pathetic! This book was and still is amazing! Don't listen to that guy or gal! I just wanted to let you know that
FreakingLEM FreakingLEM Apr 13
It's not pathetic and it's not trash! 
                              The person who commented that just wanted to rile you up, or make you close your story. 
                              Don't listen to them! 
                              Listen to us, we are your readers. 
                              We love your book and know you did a beautiful job writing it!
It was not trash at all I think you did a great job writing this book
Thank you @The_Demonic_Girl @Kaley_Zoldyck @Bubbly_Kookie and @FreakingLEM for your support! But in all honesty, the book really does need a few edits here and there. I don't think I'll be doing anything major, but I will definitely try you all know if I do!