I❜m a Defiant (❝Elemental❞ series #2) [indefinite hiatus]

I❜m a Defiant (❝Elemental❞ series #2) [indefinite hiatus]

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イヴェットです〜 (*´꒳`*) By Mystery_friends Updated Jul 23, 2015

What? Where am I? 
The last thing I remember was gasping for air, the burning in my lungs, and the Sapphire blue eyes of the woman I loved.
Where was she? Where am I?
I don't know
After Sapphire had seen Sam die, everything has gone downhill from there.
Her memories had been locked away, and darkness had taken over her. 
So what happens to the sweet blonde haired girl now? 
Read to find out.

Sequel to "I'm an Elemental"

note (may 25, 2017) :

to readers who still follow this book, hi. I'll make this short, it's been like 3 years since I last updated, and I apologize for that. I promise I plan to EVENTUALLY finish the book but right now, i just need to fix myself. I'm just really tired of, well, everything, hope y'all understand, and thanks~

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Thewantedrider Thewantedrider Mar 03, 2015
Oh wow, the league is just so mean. Update please!  I'm going to guess that the group of defiants she is going after is going to be the group that Sam is in.