Prince Xavier

Prince Xavier

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C. Swallow By CSW1995 Updated Dec 03, 2018

At 16 years of age, Caitlin is kidnapped by vampire Prince Xavier to become one of his many personal slaves. However, Xavier suddenly vanishes and for three years Caitlin must learn to survive and cope in the Vampire Palace, where humans are at high risk of danger if they fall into the wrong hands. Caitlin is left without protection, and is left to the mercy of all the other blood thirsty vampires...

3 years later, wiser, stronger, and more mature, Caitlin hears Xavier has returned to the palace. After he abandoned her long ago, Caitlin has lost all trust in Xavier, and she'll be damned if he ever thinks he can have her as a personal slave once again! 

Jennifer, the new human Princess in the palace has ideas about human and vampire equality that Caitlin is keen to be a part of, to hell with over-controlling, overbearing, arrogant, snide vampires.

However when Xavier finds out Caitlin is still residing with the vampires at the palace, and is getting involved with Jennifer's outrageous, rebellious plans...

... let's just say he has other ideas for Caitlin's future, and there is nothing she can do about it!

Or so he thinks...

Abducted by Vampires Book 3.

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