Celeb Dirty Smut

Celeb Dirty Smut

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camadallus By camadallus Updated Dec 17, 2015

                   *Your P.O.V*

"Okay class today you're just gonna copy the notes I have on the overhead" Ms.Luna the Biology teacher announced.

"It's what we do everyday anyways" I mumble in an annoyed tone, rolling my eyes.

"What was that Ms. (y/l/n)?" the teacher snaps back at me. "Oh nothin" I sigh hopelessly.

"Detention" she plainly says sliding a detention note on my desk as I have my mouth wide open.

"For what!!? I didn't even do anything" I start raising my voice at her.

"Talking back to an adult" she says.

"Hahahahahahahah" Nash Grier, possibly the biggest asshole you'll ever meet. But I will admit he is a little cute.

"Detention for you too Mr.Grier since you find it so amusing" Ms.Luna then hands a detention note to Nash too.

"What??" he responds acting like he did completely nothing at all.

"Who's laughing now" I bluntly say.

"That's an hour and a half. Do you wanna keep going?" the teacher says as if she were to love torturing us.

"An our and a half. This i...

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