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Is This Love? (Draco Malfoy x Reader) COMPLETED

Is This Love? (Draco Malfoy x Reader) COMPLETED

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lexi_2984 By lexi_2984 Updated Jan 20, 2016

When you first go to Hogwarts, you're the only Slytherin who hangs out with the golden trio. All the Slytherins despised you for that since they heard about the incident where Harry turned down Draco's friendship and because you weren't like other Slytherins. You never really liked Draco. But as the years passed, your feelings changed. But you don't know if his feelings toward you are real the moment that he starts to become dark. Will you and Draco last? Or will your love be shut away in the dark forever?

*writes 'my life was already a living hell' and hands the note back to him*
I keep reading 'prick' and I'm reading it all in nogla's voice 😩😩😩
Slytherin aren't 
                              A house 
                              Or a family 
                              Just a group of like minded psychopaths!
                              -I have known experience for I am said psychopath
Well if your kind of hell is dating the preson then try your best.
'Mione! I missed you! I just read about you in another fan fiction!
Awe ye I'm Slytherin meow I actually painted my nails and my friends are scared cause I have a tendency to a lot